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How We Grow

Our Process

We believe that it’s important to know what goes into growing the food that we eat. Our customers can be assured that our locally grown lettuce is non-GMO and free of herbicides, fungicides, and chemical residue. We are PrimusGFS certified, meaning we have been certified by a universally accepted Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI).

By using our greenhouse hydroponic system we have full control of the growing environment by providing clean, year-round production, and superior taste. Hydroponic growing systems are sustainable and environmentally friendly, which helps us minimize our environmental footprint.

Artificial Intelligence

Through artificial intelligence, we are able to closely manage our plant health from seed to harvest and ensure that our final product is of premium quality and exceptional freshness. The outcome of our focus on innovation in using hydroponics is that we can deliver the highest quality lettuce year-round.

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