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Our Greens

At Naples Fresh, our produce is always local, fresh, and flavorful. Through our environmentally friendly hydroponic system, we have the ability to ensure superior taste and year-round production.

tender leaves with a bit of sweetness
Green Butterhead Lettuce

Tender and “buttery” with a soft texture and sweet taste. Ideal for salads, sandwiches and wraps full of flavor.

silky, colorful and hearty leaves
Red Butterhead Lettuce

Buttery and tender with a soft texture and earthy flavor. High on folate, iron, and potassium.

a smooth blend full of flavor
Baby Butterhead

Add flavor, texture and nutritional value to every meal with our Baby Butterhead, a blend made for the best quality, freshness and natural taste.

mild taste with the perfect crisp
Crispy Green Leaf Lettuce

Real crisp and fresh flavor. Our Leaf Lettuce is a game changer for salads and bowls.

earthy and sturdy leaves for crunch lovers
Crispy Red Leaf Lettuce

Harvested for the best salad mixes. A perfect balance between earthy and slightly sweet leaves.

a Colorful blend for a crunchy, tasty mix
Crunchy Mix

This blend is the main ingredient in healthy, nutritious and textured recipes. Salty, sweet or even spicy mixes are possible with these earthy versatile leaves.

bittersweet soft leaves
Living Red Butterhead

Longer lasting freshness and crisp. Full of vital nutrients and flavor for the most demanding chefs.

velvety and sweet leaves
Living Green Butterhead

These silky leaves with its root attached provide all the goodies: nutrition, flavor and longer lasting freshness.

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